SK Telecom demonstrated 5 solutions that are applied with 5G and high-tech ICT such as ‘5G Multifunction Collaborative Robots’, ‘5G Smart Flexible Production Facility’, ‘5G Small Self-Driving Robot (AMR), ‘AR Smart Glasses’ and ‘5G-AI Machine Vision’ on the same day.

‘5G Multifunctional Collaborative Robot’ is a cart-type robot that is 2 meters wide, 1 meter long and 1.5 meters high and has a six-axis robot arm and 3D sensing function. It loads its products on its own inside space and moves to self-driving cars. It is usually used to move products to the next production line at the request of workers or to collect and transport defective products separately into separate spaces.

5G, which is connected to AI servers, sends commands to multi-function collaborative robots. It also delivers surrounding environments so that robots can move to self-driving cars.

These five solutions have been jointly developed with the leading companies; Schaeffler,  automotive components company, CMES, a vision specialization company, and Nsquare, an automated S/W company. SK Telecom is planning to commercialize it at its plant in Ansan in the first quarter of 2019.