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3D Robot vision solution

CMES Inc. is a professional robot vision company that applies advanced 3D Vision techniques to find the best solutions for users.

Core Developer

Approach fundamental issues to develop the best solution your customers want with our core people in optical and software. They have enabled self-creating 2D/3D Vision components, developed their own Vision algorithm and programming.

Fully Experienced

We offer the best solution with over 20 years of expertise in 3D vision and robotics. Our main customer are Korea as well as overseas global companies.


We have a product supply agreement with domestic and foreign machine vision component companies and actively supply advanced automation systems to production sites worldwide through technical agreements with global robotics companies such as ABB/Kawasaki/Universal Robot.

Customer Satisfaction

Growing up with customers' success as a priority, CMES effectively reduces costs and improves productivity in the production process by providing creative ideas and innovative solutions.