Slide Bin-Picking
Parts Loading/unloading
Robot Path guidance
3D Inspection
3D Scanner
Fast processing by integrated GPU Passive cooling Lightweight and durable
carbon body
Unique powerful
laser projection
Industry best sensor
High resolution
Low noise
Slide 내가 원하는 3D 스캐너를 직접 맞춤형 주문 제작 선택형 주문 가능 항목
Fan angle (FOV)
Laser wavelength/Power/Class
Working distance
Multi camera integration
Modular 3D scanner
Slide CMES Industrial
3D laser scanner series
High resolution 3D scanner (2K points/Profile)
Fast Speed(max. up to 10,000 Profiles /sec)
Pre-calibrated sensor with a line laser
High-end model For Critical measurement system
Inspection with a Full 3D-shape
Custom software solution support

3D Vision & Robot
automation technology

2D/3D Vision Product

We provide the Best solution using both 2D/3D. Also optimal consulting through years of experience.

3D Robot Vision

Using 3D Vision and industrial robots, we provide a variety of solutions such as Bin-Picking/Assembly/Welding Guidance/ Box palletizing/De-palletizing.

3D inspection

2D/3D measurement and inspection solution for mass production sites! From concept to validation, we provides a systematic solution.

Robot & Parts

With industrial robot gripper systems and operating platforms, you can easily implement high-end robot automation systems.


CMES introduced the solution at the MeWeek exhibition, Which features the production technology of the Hyundai/Kia cars.

CMES introduced the solution at the MeWeek exhibition, Which features the

CMES Participated in the 2019 LasVegas Pack Expo

2019 Packexpo lasvegas 참가! CMES De-Palletizing system accurately recognizes the box

2018 Daegu International Automation

2018 Daegu International Automation CMES has participated in the 2017 Grand