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Inner Hole 3D scanner

The 3D scanner HR20S model can be scanned by rotating the inside 360 degrees instead of just 3D data on the outside surface. It is an innovative product created by CMES' independent technology. The assembly conditions, particles, and obstacles inside the cylinder that have been difficult to inspect are detected in 3D effectively.

Deep Hole inside 3D

Advanced optical design allows scanning of the interior of a small hole with a minimum diameter of 20mm and depth of 130mm.

Full 3D Laser scanning

The laser scanning method, not the concentric displacement sensor that requires high speed rotation, can be used to obtain large areas of data in one rotational scan to minimize inspection time.

Software Package

CMES Studio software package can be inspected by internal processing, foreign object inspection, and assembly defect through acquired 3D data. It also provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is easy to set up and easy to use for the required inspection.

icon23Inner Hole 3D SCANNER


Scanning interior walls 3D
360 degree rotation
Cable Torsion Design
Magnet optical tube for break-proofing

내벽 이물 3D 이미지


Hole size
Measure Depth(MAX)
scanning width
Planar resolution
depth resolution
Profile rate
TUBE Diameter
Trigger input
Max. 1KHz @ DOF : 3mm
RS-422 Encoder Signal(A/B)
R100XL250(Body only)
R100XL420(+ Optical Head)