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Real time sealing Vision

In order to minimize the shaded area, three cameras can detect the width and loss of the sealer in real time at the same time as dispensing of the sealer takes place. At the same time, the embedded type of Standalone does not need a PC to minimize investment costs.

Real time Smart inspection

The SURFinder RS3 model fitted with the high-speed embedded module analyzes the 25 FPS shot images from three cameras in real time to examine the width/missing/crushing of the sealer.

NO shading!

In order to minimize shaded areas according to the travel path, the three cameras take pictures of the sealer at different angles and minimize the shaded areas even in complex shilling movements. These inspection intervals are not omitted.

Fully Integrated

A central hole for mounting the sealer in the center of the SURFinder RS3 sensor is present, so it is an all-in-one model that allows the sealing robot to mount the sensor+ processor + sealer gun as one. The all-in-one processor is connected to a monitor, and users can set it up quickly and easily without a separate PC.

icon23Real time Sealing Vision

SURFinder RS3

Minimize shadow areas with 3 cameras
Embedded PC Smart Sensor
high luminance lighting
sealer presence or absence, width, broken detection
real-time detection
integral assembly of sealer

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Measurement Accuracy
SURFinder RS3
1540X1632 Pixels/ camera
25 Frame/Sec
+/- 1mm
White Diffused LED
Quad-Core 1.9GHz
Giga ethernet