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MotionCam-3D enables real-time high-resolution 3D scanning of moving objects with Parallel Structured Light Technology and patented Photoneo Technology. The world's highest resolution and fastest 3D scanning makes it available for precision robot vision applications.

Real time 3D Moving application

In the past, the Structured Light 3D method had to stop an object for data shooting, but the Parallel Structured Light patent technology allows the acquisition of high-resolution 3D data in the 4Meter/sec high-speed ice-free process.

Highest resolution & accuracy

It has the highest resolution in the world among 3D cameras in real-time structural light. It can be used for various inspection and robot guidance with high calibration accuracy of less than 500um.

High quality 3D laser structured

The greatest advantage of the structure method is that the laser ensures 3D quality that is superior to natural light, indoor lighting, and other interference from miscellaneous light.

3D connector Pin inspection



Scanning in motion
Resolution / 3D points
~ 0.5 M / 427 200 points
Resolution (depth map)
1068 x 800
Point to point distance at 1 m
0.84 mm
Calibration accuracy
≤ 0.500 mm
Temporal noise
≤ 0.500 mm
Maximum FPS
20 fps
Maximum object / camera speed
40 m/s
Recommended scanning distance
350 – 2000 mm